Suit Up!

Vintage shirt Mango Blazer gold bracelets black suit gold half pointed stilletos

Feeling dandy and inspired, and above all rested and with a new camera in my hands, I felt it’s about time I kept that promise on more posts. Inspiration for this post were my new half pointed stilettos and Angelina Jolie’s outfit with the undo tuxedo at the BAFTA awards. Now I know I’m no Angelina, but that alfa-female look had always been inspirational to me so I thought I’d give it a vintage twist and some curves. I put a black suit comprised of two independent pieces (Mango blazer and Peg pants I got from Bodyline) together with a champagne vintage shirt with hand embroidered lace ornaments, some faux gold bracelets and knuckle rings, and the killer stilettos.

Mango Blazer Gold bracelets

I got the blunt cut bangs back and did some lengthy research (that’s what I call spending hours watching hair tutorials on Youtube) on how to have more fun with my bob hairdo. I came across a talented hair and make up artist Danelle Cedillo Roberts and she is not only gorgeous, but also very fun to watch and learn from. You can see the hair tutorial HERE. The blog also has a brand new Twitter account and you can follow me at Aleksandrina Vezilka (@Vintage_Vezilka). I hope you like this look that is appropriate for a cocktail party or a more formal event, so don’t be shy and leave me a comment bellow.

Have a dandy weekend, darlings!


Mango Blazer gold bracelets knuckle rings

Vintage shirt Mango Blazer Black suit gold bracelets knuckle rings gold half pointed stilletos

Gold bracelets knuckle rings Vintage shirt gold bracelets Mango blazer

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