DIY Christmas Guide: Gifts, Decorations & Wrapping


The holiday season is in full mode and trust me, I’m no  fan of all the Christmas/New Year’s Eve madness and excessive consumerism. But I do like to believe that we all need that time of the year when we stop and think about all the things we are grateful for, about all the people that make our life more beautiful and share the gratitude and love. What I do love about the holiday season is the decorations and presents, but I like keeping it simple and as original as possible. No unneeded money splashing or last minute panic overruns. Just showing love and thankfulness in an original and honest way.



I’m not a big fan of Christmas trees and lights (cutting live trees, getting kitschy plastic trees and unnecessary electricity spending, big NO-No’s if you ask me!), but I do like  small handmade decorations made with paper, some leftovers, ribbons and lovely door wreaths. I  gathered some interesting DIY video tutorials and inspiration photos hoping to inspire you to make this holidays season more personal, eco-friendly and in the spirit of saving and avoiding getting mulled in the consumerist machine. Also, one of my favorite bloggerettes, Annika from the Pineneedle Collective wrote THIS amazing ethical christmas gift-giving guide I hope you will find useful.


GIFT WRAPPING: You can find the video tutorials on some original DIY packing ideas HERE and HERE. I love the idea of using plain paper bag or white paper sheet to wrap presents and adding fun details on. I’m thinking about making “fake” presents with some of the ideas: using empty boxes, decorate them and use them as holiday ornaments, especially in the hallway 🙂


HOME DECORATIONS: These are all pretty easy to make and take little effort and almost no additional products to buy than what you have at home. All shed a new light to seemingly ordinary pieces. HERE is one on how to make a glittery reindeer decoration (and more!), THIS one is about glazing old glass containers and turning them into candle holders. Another interesting DIY tutorial is THIS one on making mini Christmas trees out of cardboard and yarn and HERE you can find a tutorial on making holiday arrangements in glass containers you can easily dismantle when the season is over. 


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