25 Winter Nail Art Ideas/ 25 идеи за зимски маникир

I love neatly done nails and inventive nail art. I am not very nifty myself, except for putting on basic nail polish, but fortunately, I have a very talented friend who does my nails sometimes (remember the ombre nail-do?) So as winter is coming along and I can’t wear much jewelry, especially my massive rings because I have to take them off every time I put gloves on, I opt for an interesting manicure or a freaky single nail polish colour. Take a look at these interesting ideas for an ideal winter nail art 🙂

Обожавам убаво средени нокти и иновативен маникир. Не сум многу спретна, освен за основно ставање два слоја лак на ноктите, но за среќа, имам многу талентирана пријателка која понекогаш ми прави маникир (се сеќавате на омбре ноктите?) Бидејќи се наближува зима и не можам да носам многу накит, посебно не моите омилени масивни прстени што мора да ги вадам секогаш кога ставам ракавици, се одлучив да правам интересни маникири или да ставам една откачена нијанса на лак за нокти. Видете ги овие интересни идеи за идеален зимски маникир 🙂

5 thoughts on “25 Winter Nail Art Ideas/ 25 идеи за зимски маникир

    1. Hey Olivia
      My account on Pinterest is inactive for months, but I guess we have similar taste 🙂 I’ll keep you posted if I get to do one of these babies 🙂

  1. Kolku se site slatki!!!! Malku se teski za pravenje, ama mislam deka za praznicno raspolozenie vredi da se otide na manikir :)))) Mnogu ubav izbor Vezilka..

  2. OMG I LOVE PINTEREST! I never thought of painting my nails like the traditional “ugly Christmas sweater” before, but it’s a stellar idea! Now I’m going to spend hours painting tiny little designs on my nails, and they’ll be chipped already the next day. And I know that’s what’s going to happen, because that’s what always happens… but I’m still going to do it anyway because after seeing your post I NEED to paint my nails like that LOL. Are there support groups for Pinterest addicts? Maybe there ought to be…

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