Leonardo DiCaprio: Hollywood’s golden boy turned Earth’s green patron

 Leonardo DiCaprio for Vanity Fair
Leonardo DiCaprio for Vanity Fair

My writing for Bastet Noir is having a smooth sail, but I admit to being lazy and not putting the new texts on the blog regularly. After the wonderful Bulgarian designer Evgeni Petkov, we elaborated on Leonardo Dicaprio’s tireless eco-efforts. His credentials in the movie business are novel worthy, but nonetheless admirable are his engagements and passion in environmental projects. He joins, and in some areas, leads the list of celebrities that have turned a green leaf in life, like Sienna Miller, Brad Bitt, Rachel McAdams, Cameron Diaz, Stella McCartney, Alicia Silverstone, Darryl Hannah, just to name a few. Dedicated and passionate in his acting career as well as an environmentalist and a philanthropist, he is well worthy of the title we are bestowing him: our green darling.



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