Closing Night FWSK S/S 2013: All that jazz by MCouture

All that jazz
All that jazz

Last night was the grand finale of this year’s Fashion Weekend Skopje and in the spirit of grandness was also the closing show of Mila Kadriu’s M Couture. The show took place in the foyer of the Macedonian Opera and Balet, making it the perfect setting for the glamorous line that rendered the classical style of the 20’s, with a hint of a modern twist. Kadriu certainly didn’t play safe: she took the basic line of the 20’s dress and altered it in all the right places: long silhouettes, decent lines and the perfect amount of decoration. She managed to put a trending piece: the transparent cut-outs, in a classical dress that lost nothing of its glamour and charm. The fabrics were royal and the hair and make up flawless and in the spirit of the time the line reflected.

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Having said that, I do have a few remarks. Regarding the craftsmanship, the dresses, wonderful as they were, were not fitted right. The designer should have had in mind that most of our models don’t have supermodel height and curves. As usual, models Ivana Geleva and Maja Ristevska, as well as Ana Stanojkovska, carried the show with their feminine poise and elegant charm. But the rest often struggled with the additional length of the dresses (5 to 10 cm) and some simply didn’t fill the top. That stole away some of the magic.

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Other than that, I quite enjoyed the show, especially since I got the last minute chance to slip in the front row 🙂 and I had a wonderful night with my bloggerette friends (on the last photo, second from the left is Marija from Inside the B world). I must say I missed Angela, a lot! For the closing night I chose this custom made dress from the 70’s, an original piece, a family treasure I was thrilled fits me! I love the colours. Fashion Weekend Skopje 2013 is wrapped up and tomorrow I’ll be sharing the  highlights from the last 2 weeks.


Front row seats. Not bad.
Front row seats. Not bad.

Photos: Ani Dimi

10 thoughts on “Closing Night FWSK S/S 2013: All that jazz by MCouture

  1. Od tebe ocekuvav deka ke vidam nesto vo vintage stil, fustanov preubavo ti stoi, nakitot sosema dovolen zaradi vpecatlivite boi na fustanot i da sminkata mi se dopagja deka e vpecatliva, zatoa sto mislam deka poveketo bi odele so minimalna sminka ama ovde se prekrasno se vklopuva! 🙂

  2. Убав избор на гардероба. Јас би ја сменила шминката т.е сенката некако премногу ми е.

  3. Фала Марина 🙂 кажав и погоре, многу се мислев за шминката, ама бидејќи на сите фотографии изгледам како да не сум ставила ни една линија туш за очи, решив да ги нагласам очите овојпат 🙂

  4. Драго ми е што те видов Александра.
    Потврдувам дека во живо изгледаше прекрасно. Кројот на фустан ми се допаѓа, ти прилега на фигурата, а потенцирањето на половината кај мене секогаш пали. 🙂

    Што се однесува за колекцијата, потполно се согласувам.

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