FWSK S/S 2013 Day 7: Robert Ivanovski


If there is one show I regret missing out on this year’s FWSK it’s Robert Ivanovski‘s presentation of his new line. Seing the photos and capturing the impressions of people attending the show, I am presenting my view of the collection. The idea to present his new line at the Spanish Embassy was a bull’s-eye. Inspired by the passionate and deep-rooted  Spanish corrida, with strong emphasis on the structure, impeccable craftsmanship and colour-play, Ivanovski presented a layered, powerful and integral line. 

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Both men and women creations were standalone pieces that together formed a  sublime story. The materials were used at their best and the striking fluency of red and black complemented the creations. Embroidered details in red and gold were to the point, delicate and vivid. 

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Women pieces impressed me with the bold, vigorous and yet feminine depiction of a primevally strong and elegantly urban woman. I was amazed by the creations for men: independently stylish and aesthetically conscious men with artistic temperament would wear these pieces and make a fashion statement of an urban Don Juan. 

564517_401108979986489_1343598441_n 534047_401111243319596_1193830381_n 558808_401110769986310_1913860423_n

Again, kudos to Ivanovski who once again proved faithful to his unique style, untampered by trends and why he is the treat we are all waiting to indulge ourselves in. 

The man of the hour himself: Robert Ivanovski
The man of the hour himself: Robert Ivanovski

Photos: Ani Dimi

6 thoughts on “FWSK S/S 2013 Day 7: Robert Ivanovski

  1. Се разочарав кога дознав дека нема да присуствувам на ревијата. Го обожавам.
    Ме потсетува на Galliano со косата, уникатноста и приказната која ја носат креациите.

    Моделите – моќни. Раскажуваат историја преку убаво изработените детали.

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