FWSK S/S 2013: Day 5

Day 5 at FWSK 2013 was all about women, their sensuality and vigor. I already started feeling more comfortable at the event and since spring finally kicked in on Saturday, I could relax and wear a blouse and a light jacket. On Saturday night we saw Stefanija Naseska’s “Circus”, Le Brand, Nikola Petrovski, Antonija Ristovska’s Equilibrium and Olgica Gjorgieva, all so different in their presentation of the spring woman. 

Beautiful people at FWSK 2013
Beautiful people at FWSK S/S 2013

CIRCUS was a wonderful opening of the fashion rendez-vous. The line had all the traits of a true spring treat: soft fabrics, impeccable craftsmanship, bold patterns and spurs of colour. My first impression was: Jackie O. of our generation! The designer herself said, in the short interview for Aleksandrina Vezilka, that her main inspiration was the innocence of careless days of childhood when her parents used to take her to see the circus. She says that’s something we all kind of lack as we grow older: unattached excitement, unbiased happiness and undeniable satisfaction. The striking geometrical patterns brought freshness to the purity of the white base and the hair and make-up were a complete success: truly captured the spirit of the women wearing her designs. And those are bold women who are not afraid to experiment, but yet find the thrill in the detail and stop to smell the roses in the fast living of today. This line is in sync with my personal style, but don’t think I’m biased: the audience applauded and cheered, especially when the little fashionistas rocked the catwalk.

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Le Brand, anchored by Lili Kadinska showed a stylized version of the Charleston, or may I say showed how you can ruin this style for someone forever by putting kitch glitter and frills on the basic flapper dress. Maybe the idea to dazzle up the simple line of the 20’s dresses was great on paper, but  it turned out wrong on the runway. I did like the designed fabric on one of the dresses, but again the piece had too many frills. 


Nikola Petrovski presented a feminine collection with sleek lines and royal fabrics. The patterns brought a whiff of the Orient, but my only remark would be the subdued, earthy colours in more than half of the pieces, as if he was shy to let spring in. The autumn-like colouring didn’t do justice to the elegant pieces of a spring collection that accentuated the figure in all the right places. Aside from that, I’m very impressed by the line and I am kind of in love in the black dress bellow: 

532014_400233960073991_1494084258_n 548290_400233410074046_400604174_n

Antonija Ristovska‘s Equilibrium had more or less that same slip-up. Few opening numbers were in darker earthy shades, but then the line started to bloom and culminated in a stunning intricate lace wedding gown. Antonia’s sophisticated, glamorous line was breath-taking and the first thing that popped my mind when I saw the opening number was: Grace Kelly, without knowing it was the Hollywood diva that inspired the lineThis line takes you back in Old Hollywood’s heyday but with the right amount of modern elements to make it  a perfect choice for a woman who stands her ground as an urban diva. I also must compliment the designer herself who looked very elegant and lady-like.

533766_400199940077393_2012465660_n 18931_400200623410658_1962033719_n 155740_400201996743854_2062296600_n

The closing show brought the Russian winter to our spring event. Olgica Georgieva‘s Russian fairy-tale was intriguing as it was confusing. The opening numbers were dark, furry coats that I imagine were the designer’s attempt to paint the long Russian winter as an inevitable introduction to the colourful spring. But, we came to see spring lines, it’s not like we were going to be surprised and swept off our feet to see florals from model one. The line hesitantly moved towards spring with heavy fabrics and embroideries and I must note, poor stitching and tailoring in some pieces. In my opinion, the hoops were over the top and that’s were the poor tailoring was revealed, as if they were added in the last minute. To be honest, there were a couple of remarkable pieces that resonated youthful, romantic, elegant spring and I can only wonder why the designer decided to sabotage half her line. 


And finally, my outfit for the evening: This is one of my favorite pieces, a handsewn and embroidered blouse from the 40’s, it belonged to my granny. I paired it with a pencil skirt from the 80’s and blue velvet oxford shoes. On the first photo I’m with Irina Tosheva, the talented designer I told you about yesterday, and on the latter with Iva from the wonderful trio Skopje Casual who have been following FWSK relentlessly. The photos are by Ani & Dimi and the last one is by Skopje Casual’s Sandra.

P.S. I got the first photo today (Tuesday) from a colleague at work, so here we are: Angela Dissected and Iva& Sandra from Skopje Casual 🙂

New addition. Damn, I love these girls!
New addition. Damn, I love these girls!



10 thoughts on “FWSK S/S 2013: Day 5

  1. Меѓу омилените си ми од три причини:
    1. Имам(в) впечаток дека си неверојатно талентирана, паметна и искрена личност.
    2. Имаш свој стил и вешто си го практикуваш.
    3. Обожавам да те читам. Секогаш 🙂

    Ќе кажам дека имаме иста кошула – ако не целосно иста, тогаш слична. И мојата и припаѓала на баба ми. 😀
    Добро е, не сум единствена што сака да претура по плакарот на постарите грации од семејството. 😀
    Везот е дефинитивно highlight, потсетува на пролет.
    Убав склад на бои, особено кај чевлите со сукњата и везот со хулахопките – паметно искомбинирано, многу уникатно и весело.

    1. Ваквите коментари ме поттикнуваат да продолжам. Најискрено ти благодарам и мило ми е што наоѓаме заеднички радости 🙂

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