FWSK 2013 Day 4

FWSK 2013 is wrapping up the first week tonight, one more to go. From the shows we’ve seen so far there have been ups and downs, and of course I have chosen my darlings. I have attended several of the shows during this week, and as much as I’m loving it, yes, it is a bit tiring. Especially when you are super excited and you comment the whole time with your fellow bloggerettess 🙂

Elena Luka
Elena Luka
MiKKa/ Model Maja Ristevska
Mila & Tijana Popovic
Mila & Tijana Popovic/ model Ivana Geleva

On this night we saw the new lines by Elena LukaMiKKa and Mila and Tijana Popovic. Luka was too monochromatic for me and not in the spirit of spring. I did like the subtle lines and the quality materials and I think that a different make-up could have done wonders for the line. MiKKa also didn’t impress me, there were too many details in the wrong place (what’s with the strange doughnut-shaped elements?), and maybe a tad too experimental. I liked the asymmetric lines and the hint of tribal elements, but the story was all over the place. The Belgrade designer duo closed wrapped up the night, showing “After Colours”, a daring line that rolled in the sound of Sisters of Mercy, to my great surprise and enjoyment. The line was far from my taste and I didn’t quite like the materials. The ripped tights were over the top and the hints of oriental confusing. I did like the gold lined jacket and the closing creation that Ivana Geleva wore with such grace and poise. You are guessing, she’s one of my favorite models this FW along with  Maja Ristevska. On the same night we saw Hard to explain, an inventive line in touch with nature, with very intricate hair and make-up styling. The accessories were remarkable.

6766_399846823446038_307757720_n 521921_399847750112612_2143363861_n 536707_399846933446027_577377256_n

But this Friday night the star of the event was Irina Tosheva and her “Vila” collection. Finally, someone poured spring all over FWSK! Delicate craftsmanship, striking patterns, bold, yet wearable designs sublimed in a coherent story. I called it: Ready-to-wear-dance-jump-and-sing-in-the-sun-line! It would be unfair to single out a favorite, but I got my eyes on the floral jacket.  The amazing Bastet Noir is officially selling Irina’s line and I can’t wait to seal the deal with them. Irina showed some thrilling pieces for men, too, which were as equally fascinating and yelled: Youth! The pieces were masculine, spirited and outside the box.

64288_403837249715305_1758354047_n 165453_399894370107950_1482038163_n 529398_399894056774648_1286699587_n 579570_399893766774677_1351625791_n

And finally, my style for the evening was a 50’s inspired hair-do and a vintage custom made dress from the 70’s in blue petrol. The bracelet and earrings are handmade filigree and the clutch is vintage, leather base and dark amber rim. My dear bloggerettess were also in attendance: Marija and Martina from Inside the B world and my partner in crime in front row, Angela Dissected. We ended the night at the Style Files launch party in Alo Alo. Stay tuned for more reviews and photos.

Photo: MFB
Photo: MFB
photo: Kristina/Design and berries
photo: Kristina/Design and berries
Photo: Style Files
Photo: Style Files

P.S. All photos from the shows are the work of art of the official FWSK photographers Ani & Dimi and Goran P. Vukelic, the official photographer of Bastet Noir.


9 thoughts on “FWSK 2013 Day 4

  1. Фустанот е најпрекрасен на цел свет, а тебе ти стои одлично.
    Се заљубив во бојата, најмногу, а потоа и во кројот. Толку е lady like.
    Накитот е одличен – обожавам филигранство. 🙂

    Го делиме истото мислење за колекцијата од Ирина, но не и за таа на Мила и Тијана – мене таа колекција, а и самата ревија ми беше моќна. 😀

  2. Благодарам 🙂 Баш се погодив во боите со колекцијата на Ирина. А за After Colours, си кажав што бендисав, што не 😉

  3. Слободно можам да го прогласам овој аутфит како најомилен твој од сите до сега! Предобар модел на фустан, предобра должина, ептен модерна боја. What else to say?

    Сериозно, ептен добро ти прилега на фигурата!
    Каивчето ми е омилен дел.

    1. Фала ти 🙂 и јас многу си го сакам, преудобен е и долго време чекаше да биде покажан

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