IT Clutch: Own It!


Last night at the opening of FWSK was amazing, I met so many wonderful people and we all shared the love of style. My detailed impressions of the evening will follow later today (stay tuned!). For now, let me tell you what impresses me after a night out with fashion: clutches! First, I’d like to point out that most girls and women don’t seem to understand the difference between a day bag/purse/satchel and an evening clutch/purse/envelope. The whole outfit can be ruined with a wrong choice of footwear and bag, trust me.

vintage floral clutch-f40590

1718381-4-oriental-clutch 1330537267_michelle-williams-4670000 8194471032_7c25c86ccd_b aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRjMuYnAuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tJTJGLXNtOTRsS0ZXS2k0JTJGVVZuRDE3QWN1bUklMkZBQUFBQUFBQVgwTSUyRnFkbVR6bkZSUDVZJTJGczQwMCUyRjBjMzJjMjYxMWVkM2M2MTM5NzM4NTRjNDExYjc0NDI2LmpwZw== book-clutch dns_sar_25C4_25B1_top_large mango-tribal-clutch neon_skirt_beaded_clutch_wordpress Screen-shot-2011-04-20-at-1.36.27-PM stockholmstreetstyle-snake-clutch street-style-tribal-clutch Tribal Patterned Leather ClutchLittle, eccentric, stand out clutches are my darlings and a perfect choice for a night out, especially for the events that follow in the next two weeks. It’s quite enough to contain the bare necessities and a proof that you put and effort to your look, that you don’t need the whole make up kit along with you and that you went home before going to an event (which wasn’t my case yesterday, since I went to the exhibit straight from work, and I hated my huge bag).

vintage leather coin 10-Bells-Hard-Case-Long-Floral-Clutch-5940-95284-1-product 39_JennaMetalClutch1 31516_403024150479_3478346_n Alexander-McQueen-Samurai-Skull-Silk-satin-Box-Clutch-3 Briana Edelman Designs deer_1 dfd5ae83046bc91e84b0bbeeb0b758d46bf2a929-alexander-mcqueen-flower-skull-box-clutch_large Diamond-ring-evening-bag-day-clutch-mini-clutch-box-clutch-women-s-small-bags ELLE-13-Christian-Louboutin-Lace-Clutch-xln-lgn flower bird fairy box clutch pink beige white khaki cotton linen butterfly wedding brides bridemaids-f36448 HUGE_Roselie il_340x270.283492173 il_340x270.428464268_j5ss il_430xN.84445129 il_fullxfull.205864370 il_fullxfull.342503672 images jennifer ladd miu-miu1 Pink Poppy Clutch by Via Bella pink-floral-clutch-1 rowena-silk-bird-clutch Tan_Bird_Frame_Clutch__11242.1308624812.1000.1000 vintage carpetbag

A stand out clutch is a must. Striking colours, bold patterns, unusual materials, nature motifs, cartoons, newspaper cuts, faux magazines and books… you name it! It can bring your outfit to the next level and make you stand out as well. The IT clutch doesn’t necessarily have to match in colour and material, but certainly needs to add up to the whole style: pop, vintage, classic, rock, oriental… Make your choice and dazzle! My favorites would be custom made and DIY models, as well as rare vintege finds. The rarer the better! Read you later 🙂

3 thoughts on “IT Clutch: Own It!

  1. I’m not really that much of a clutch person. I own only one and I got it last November hehe. Still, I have to say that I love the ones above that look like a novel. I think I’d actually carry those! 😀 Very cool!

    – Anna

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