Life Lately: Giveaways and Parties

Design and berries

I’ve been a very very lucky girl these past few weeks. Two of my bloggerette colleagues had giveaways on their blogs and I was the lucky winner. The first one was a snake earring from Elena’s blog, but I still haven’t got the chance to make quality photos of it, so be patient. The second one was a heart glitter necklace from Kristina’s Design and berries. Today the lovely jewelry designer and I had a long, laughing, non-stop-talking coffee meet up and I got the chance to see her in action: she packed my gift on the spot in the most adorable little package. I didn’t want to open it when I got home, it was THAT cute 🙂 But I was eager to brag about it and make photos.

Design and berries 2

This was an amazing week also because Skopje Casual celebrated their first birthday and made an unforgettable party. So went all dandy and smiling and had a blast.

Skopje Casual

I’ll be wearing my glittery heart necklace tomorrow at the all-day event ПРВО ПА ЖЕНСКО, an unconventional celebration for International Women’s Day. Can’t wait to see all of the bloggerettes again and all the other amazing, creative, inspiring women.

Prvo pa zensko

2 thoughts on “Life Lately: Giveaways and Parties

    1. Thank you for visiting and reblogging 🙂 My friend from Design and berries will surely be thrilled to know her designs are appreciated 🙂

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