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Jessica Szhor and Ed Westwick dine together at Lure Restaurant in Soho.

She is much more than a really talented actress, a model and a rare beauty: she is one very stylish girl. You all probably know her best from her role in “Gossip Girl” where she played  Vanessa Abrams, also my favorite character in the series, style-wise. Jessica Szohr is the perfect choice to continue the line of the category Style Stand-Out: she’s daring, elegant, vivacious and not afraid to experiment. What I love most about her is that she can make a casual outfit look glamorous and a glam-look seem so comfortable. With her admirable choice of jewelry and eye-catching tattoos, she’s my favorite star in the rising. Unlike most young celebrities who seem to be searching their style, experiment a lot and fail, this 27-year old beauty surely knows her ways and when she experiments, it’s always a style success. Feast your eyes and trust me there’s a lot more to expect from her.

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