One Bershka Dress – A Thousand Smiles


The weather isn’t very photo friendly, but I couldn’t wait any longer to show off my new Bershka dress, so I clenched my teeth and went outside for a little bit of modeling. It’s not exactly a new one, I bought it in November, but believe it or not, this was the second time I’ve put it on. All I needed next was a victim to take photos, so my friend and co-worker, Doris, was a sweetheart to do that. This is one of those pieces you don’t save on, because you know you’ll love it and wear it in every possible combination. You know I am a Peter Pan Collar lover, so you can understand how I couldn’t resist this cutie 🙂 It’s a summer dress, but I wear almost all my summer dresses with double warm leggings or tights and this time my upper layer are these adorable burgundy “Pull&Bear” tights that I mix in almost every outfit 🙂 A nice beige sweater and matching boots rounded up the look. Afterwards I had tree cups of tea to warm up, as I am having now, since I’ve got the cold, but I hope my sacrifice paid out 🙂

2013-01-11-11 2013-01-11-12 2013-01-11-13 2013-01-11-17

9 thoughts on “One Bershka Dress – A Thousand Smiles

  1. Фустанчето е многу убаво, особено ми се допаѓа бојата.
    Носи свежина во тмурните зимски денови.
    Убаво искомбинирано. 🙂

  2. По не знам кој пат ќе пробам да оставам коментар кај тебе, до сега не ми успеваше, не знам зошто 😦
    Фустанот е преубав, како и цела комбинација, изгледа многу нежно и е убаво искомбинирам со неутралниот џемпер 🙂

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