Young Hearts Run Free

2012-12-30 14.15.51

Dear readers, I promised myself to give you one last style post in this year, and my new pashmina shawl  really wanted to be photographed 🙂 Maybe it’s not in the real holiday spirit and cheer, but I must confess I really am not a holiday person. This royal blue is the colour I’d say is a festive one, and this is my chic-casual outfit for the last day at work. Yes, I AM wearing pants 🙂 This graffiti wall was the perfect setting for the rebellious spirit surrounding this year’s holiday season in my country and around the world, so as I am a rebel at heart, my New Year’s message for all you dear people would be: Exist to resist!

2012-12-30 14.15.18 2012-12-30 14.16.49 2012-12-30 14.16.54 2012-12-30 14


11 thoughts on “Young Hearts Run Free

  1. lovely shawl there :)…love it…ill send you pictures of grandmothers from pakistan 🙂 it might be a bit feminine but it can be accessorized properly with the right type of mens wear..

  2. Ќе се согласам со Елена затоа што не можам, а да не ти препорачам почесто да купуваш/комбинираш панталони. Ти стојат одлично! 🙂
    Мене лично многу ми се допаѓа смирениот принт на шалот кој е одличен аксесоар во овој случај. Професионално со допир на личен стил! 🙂

    Поздрав! 🙂

  3. Ви благодарам за посетите, комплиментите и коментарите, прекрасни девојки 🙂 Ми ја разубавивте новата година. Среќно!

  4. Ami samo da te pozdravam, sega ja otkriv stranicava pa uste nerazgledana da pisam nesto 🙂

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