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At Galerija 7, Old Skopje Bazaar

If anything exceeds my collection of earrings it’s my collection of silver rings. And not any rings, but massive statement pieces that go perfectly with my skinny, bony long fingers. I love combining more pieces on one hand and sometimes I only choose one statement piece with a matching pendant necklace or earrings (never all three!). My favorites are vintage looking and filigree hand made rings and I was lucky to find a couple in Skopje that makes excellent pieces from Mexican silver that is safe and non-allergenic and cheaper than silver, but has the same texture and glow. On the photo above there are my darlings, and here below are my suggestions. And also a little musical treat, Josh Krajcik singing “Jar of Hearts” and check out Nicole Scherzinger’s massive leaf ring: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo_6_2BthEg