Walking in My Shoes: Part 1/ Ohrid

Old town, Ohrid
Pieces of a Life
Shattered eyes
Step into my world
Thoughts, pebbles and dry flower
The eternal embrace

Part one from my summer adventures through Macedonia with a dear friend from Belgium. With the analogue “minolta” camera he brought me I captured these moments in Ohrid. Amateur, but darling to my heart. More parts will follow soon.


2 thoughts on “Walking in My Shoes: Part 1/ Ohrid

  1. mnogu ubavi sliki! sekoja cest…a i Makedonija ima prekrasna priroda i stari gradbi za fotografija! =)

    pozdrav, Ivana


    1. Ти благодарам Ивана 🙂 ветувам дека ќе објавувам уште фотографии и се надевам подобри!

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