Lips of Autumn

Paint your lips with the colours of autumn! Bold colours are IN this season, so why not go bold on your lips? I love autumn because I can play with all the varieties of dark red, copper and plum shades of lipstick. Since I have darker complexion, pretty much everything is allowed, but I have red hear, so I have to be careful with that. The choices are endless, regardless of your skin tone and hair and eyes colour, but do stick to some basic rules: with dark lipsticks always go soft on the eye make up and the cheeks, so NO eyeliner! If you have a darker complexion go wild: dark plum, very berry, red grapes and even navy. And always ALWAYS use lip-liner. I like my dark lipstick subdued, matte and almost dreamy: no lip-gloss and less ruby red tones. My favorites are burnt orange, dark wine, burgundy and dark plum. Here are my choices, enjoy and seduce 🙂

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