School Bags are In Style

With autumn, along came the first days of college. I remember loving going to school on foot especially in the first few months because the weather was just perfect for a light cardigan, flat ankle boots and my favourite vintage school bag. Just me, falling leaves and a shy sun. I’ve always loved the model of a standard leather school bag and I think this piece can also go well outside the school style. I especially like the medium size with outer pockets and combine it with a mid-length floral dress, cardigan, tights and leather “oxford shoes”. Without further ado, here is my choice of old and styled models of the school bag.

3 thoughts on “School Bags are In Style

  1. Hi, my name is Johan Jongkind and I’m from a company from the Netherlands called OldSchool Bags. We have reintroduced the old school bag in the Netherlands. I love your blog insert and will refer to it in our blog. Kind regards, Johan

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