All good things to those who wait: My first international publishing

This is a good day!

I just got the news that my poems are to be published in the summer edition 2012 San Antonio Review, which is the first volume of San Antonio, Texas’ first literary journal. As a member of Poets Without Borders I have the honor to be chosen as one of the poets contributing to the edition. My first encounter with the exquisite company of poets was through Open City 360 Poets and Writers where I had the privilege to learn, share and comment on poetry in all its forms and diversities.

Congratulations to all chosen poets!

You can find more information on the following link:

And here is something new from this summer:

Locomotive. Leitmotiv

Eyelids getting heavier
in the mid-afternoon blur,
images stay still
in our desperate eyes.

Big expectations
from people
with no change
in their pockets.

Our tickets said “Home”,
the road led us nowhere.

A distant murmur
spiked our mumbling.
False alarm.
There’ll be no train for us today.

June, 2012

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