I saw you
dressed in moonlight
sitting on a pendulum
weaving truths,
and I followed :
back and forth
to the left and to the right:
you doing the white threads
me undoing the black threads.

I kept it from you
fairest friend,
it was you I dreamt of
dressed in sky
leaning over the well
drew mercies
and poured it over
all the sinners and all the wretched
all the saints and all the prayers
all the quivering mothers
one by one,
and I followed:
in trenches of
red earth
black earth
clay earth
smearing their skin-splitting hands.

I lied to you, dear,
I wanted you:
gone pale
I wanted you:
immaculate in my vain arms,
miserable in their eyes,
unrivaled in your joy.

June, 2011